4 tips for improving customer communication with Google My Business.

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Being transparent and direct is a big focus among businesses right now, and Google My Business (GMB) helps you do that without added costs or wait time. Customers need to know more than ever if you’re open, if your hours have changed, or if you’re exclusively offering drive-up or contact-free services. If something has changed, you need to shout it from the virtual rooftops.

Is your developer unable to update your website? Are funds tight right now? Or, do you just want to cover your bases? No problem — turn to GMB. Do-it-yourself with timely, relevant updates to keep your customers engaged and informed. When users search for your company, your profile shows up on the top right side of search results. That means your updates show up there too, displaying the pertinent information in a prime spot on customers’ screens. So, here’s the burning question: Are you taking advantage of Google My Business?

We recommend utilizing GMB the following 4 ways in these unprecedented times:

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1. Update Your Hours

If your business hours have changed, update them to the best of your ability. If they change again, update them again. This will allow customers visiting your profile to know exactly when they can visit your location, without any question.

2. Edit Your Business Description

If your business is taking extra precautions or offering new services, this is the place to share them. Maybe you’re a local restaurant that’s switched to take-out only, or you’re now offering delivery when you weren’t before. Either way, it’s essential to let consumers know. Another note: don’t shy away from sharing how your business is helping those impacted by COVID-19 either, such as using your manufacturing plant to create masks. A sense of togetherness and community is what we all crave right now.

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3. Create a Post 

Situations are changing by the minute and posting on GMB can help clear up confusion. You can share real-time updates about what’s going on with your business by publishing posts. Are you posting on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram platforms? You can post it on GMB, too. Specials, sales and behind-the-scenes content are all fair game.

Google has created specific COVID-19 update posts for you to use. Here’s how to create these posts:

  • Sign into your Google My Business profile
  • Click “posts”  
  • Choose the “COVID-19 update”

Make note that these posts will last 14 days. If the post still rings true in two weeks, and customers need that information, publish a new post.

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4. Download the Google My Business App

This will allow you to message with customers from your phone, wherever you are. Customers sometimes send direct messages if they can’t reach you by phone — making the app a handy resource. Responding quickly shows people you care and are committed to navigating through this time together.

Finally, updating your GMB profile is a simple, practical communication tool that allows you to stay nimble in these ever-changing times. Check yours out to make sure it's current.

This article was written by John Kennedy, Technical SEO Strategist for Blue Traffic.

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