2023: A Collective Shift

AUDIO: 2023: A Collective Shift

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We’ve all been hard at work figuring out our resolutions — how we can grow and become the best versions of ourselves in this next year. Whether those goals are personal or business related, sometimes those resolutions are a change — or shift — from the goals we had in the past. For all of us at Anthologic, that is what the recent sale of software development company, Shift Interactive, represents.

As the Anthologic collective has grown, Shift and Anthologic’s processes and capabilities have naturally diverged into two strong (but separate) streams of service — all in the pursuit of the best solutions for our clients. Because of this reality, it just made sense for the two companies to strike out on their own.

Embracing change and looking ahead

The sale to Justyn Miller, President and CEO of Shift, represents an exciting opportunity for both companies to explore new solutions, push limits and bring our respective visions to realization. And although we will be apart on paper, Shift will remain a close, collaborative partner on future projects where both our strengths and specialties are needed.

As always, Anthologic will continue to merge marketing and technology to create more impactful solutions for our clients. Our expertise in digital marketing, web development, interactive 3D experiences, variable video and animation, marketing automation, analytics and reporting (and so much more), will also continue to expand and evolve with the ever-changing marketing tides.

“A willingness to change is crucial to staying ahead of the curve — and it’s a strength that Anthologic just so happens to be built upon.”

–       Kevin Lentz, President of Anthologic

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