Unifying a network of online experiences.

The challenge

Stellar, a 100% employee-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality work trucks and trailers, has acquired several companies over the years to grow its product line and expand its international distribution. After the acquisitions, Stellar was left to manage several website platforms with outdated content management systems and disconnected user experiences. Search engine compatibility was also an issue.

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Our approach

To catch up with recent advancements in online technology and improve user experience, Stellar partnered with Performance Marketing to create a new, unified website.

Computer, tablet and smartphone showing the Home, About and Blog pages of the new Stellar website.
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The solution

To provide customers with an optimal experience, PM consolidated all online properties under one unified site. Additionally, products were reorganized to better align with user expectations in accordance with keyword research. Customers can quickly and easily search for products by category or market through the new mega menu. On the backend of the site, Stellar is able to keep content up to date without development support or needing to manage multiple sites.

Fresh, new graphics in the form of design, photography and video were also implemented to bring the site up to current brand standards. And ongoing content efforts, including blog postings, press releases and email communications, work to continually drive traffic to the new website.

Computer, tablet and smartphone showing Product and Category pages of the new Stellar website.
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The outcome

Since the launch of the new Stellar website, the metrics paint a picture of a more highly engaged audience. In the first three months, page views increased by 100 percent and the average pages per session rose from 2.5 to 5.7 pages. Additionally, online request-a-quote form completions increased over 370 percent compared to the same time period the year prior.

Stats showing 100% increased page views, 2.5 > 5.7 increased page views per session and 370% increased quote requests.
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