Unleashing the power of influencer marketing.

The challenge

The way consumers research and evaluate products is ever-evolving. Toro, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, recognized that more and more residential and landscape contractors were turning to industry peers on social media for help making buying decisions. To adapt to this shift in the path to purchase, the Toro residential and landscape contractor division needed a robust digital marketing solution that would deliver prospects authentic, trustworthy Toro product reviews on their way to purchasing new mowers and snowblowers.

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Justin Webb, The Lawn Whisperer, captures video comparing the Toro Super Recycler to the Toro 60V Recycler.

Our approach

To gain mindshare through third-party endorsement of new products on social media, Toro teamed up with PM on a comprehensive influencer product review initiative. The custom campaign would use the powerful voices of credible residential and landscape influencers to tell the Toro brand story and share key product messages industry-wide.

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Mike Benson with Unbox Warehouse gives an in-depth review of his new Toro TimeCutter zero-turn mower.

The solution

A longtime provider of marketing support for Toro’s residential and landscape contractor division, PM dug in and engaged dozens of residential and landscape contractor influencers who offered access to large and loyal social media followings in Toro’s target audience. After finding and connecting with the right influencers, PM proceeded to “influence the influencers.” The process involved delivering influencers mower and snowblower products, supporting information and incentives in exchange for candid and unbiased YouTube video reviews. PM managed the entire process, from establishing the influencer relationships to negotiating agreements to coordinating logistics to guiding content strategy. Once influencers shared the video reviews across their social platforms, PM and Toro boosted selected content through custom Google Ads campaigns and amplified the endorsements via Toro’s own social networks and trade media relations efforts. The initiative integrated seamlessly into Toro’s over-arching content strategy.

PR Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Paid Media Strategy

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Several influencer partners sharing information about their Toro units on their own social media channels.

The outcome

Residential and landscape contractors proved to be hungry for equipment reviews from Toro influencers. In the first year alone, the influencer marketing program generated more than 200 YouTube videos, over 4 million views and thousands of social media engagements as influencers validated Toro equipment with their unique voices. A perfect complement to robust trade PR and social media efforts, the influencer initiative helped capture valuable mindshare — and built relationships that positioned the brand for waves of successful product launches in the years ahead.

“I am amazed what you have accomplished in 12 months. We are showing the influencers our robust innovation pipeline, which I am confident will drive holistic brand loyalty and excitement.”
- Toro marketing team lead
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