Expanding business through a reseller network.

The challenge

Stratasys, the global leader in state-of-the-art 3D printing systems and additive solutions, was seeking a way to break into new industries and expand the business through its network of reseller partners. However, reaching new industry audiences would require resellers to start maximizing their marketing development funds, which had been underutilized leading up to 2019.

A series of photos showing elements of the reseller education program on a laptop, tablet, and phone screens.
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Education program touchpoints.

Our approach

To bridge the opportunity gap with resellers, Stratasys partnered with PM to develop a 2019 co-op marketing program that would simplify the execution of marketing programs for resellers, increase new leads by 10% for Stratasys’ core industry segments — education, design and manufacturing — and set the foundation for future partnership opportunities. Planning and initial program execution also needed to happen within a 6-week timeframe for a go-live date of February 1st. To meet these expectations while still working toward overarching objectives, quarterly objectives were set to keep the program on track.

Q1: Get something in market, fast 
Q2: Gather insight
Q3: Learn and optimize
Q4: Continue to test and optimize

Hands holding the cover of a Stratasys whitepaper, showing a 3D printer.
Phone, laptop, and computer screens showing the Stratasys design program touchpoints.
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White paper (top) and design program touchpoints (bottom).

The solution

The first step toward meeting program objectives was to equip resellers with the tools and information they needed to be successful in their marketing efforts. To drive engagement, PM consulted with resellers — educating them on key opportunities for maximizing their marketing dollars. Next, we developed a program that would take the work out of marketing and help resellers fill the sales funnel. Finally, insights were gathered to inform program optimizations for live and future campaigns.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Channel & Dealer Marketing
CRM Strategy & Planning
Campaign Concepting & Execution
Sales Tools

Phone, laptop, and computer screens showing a custom campaign designed for a reseller in the medical field.
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Custom campaign designed for a reseller in the medical industry.

The outcome

Activating reseller participation in a direct marketing program allowed Stratasys — as well as resellers — to narrow their target focus, identify the leads most willing to buy and engage with consumers on a more meaningful level. As a result, we saw an 88% growth in reseller participation and a 63% increase in leads YOY. We also gained valuable audience insights that would help set the stage for future campaigns, enabling us to deliver more relevant content and drive higher rates of conversion.

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