Expanding business through a reseller network.

The challenge

After the deployment of its American channel marketing program, Stratasys — the global leader in 3D printing and additive solutions — wanted to deploy channel marketing programs across all territories to accelerate growth and company value in other regions around the world. However, what worked for the American campaign wouldn’t necessarily work for reaching industries in other countries.

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Four examples of images used in the Stratasys European channel marketing program.
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Our approach

To determine what adaptations needed to be made to the program to account for regional differences, the Stratasys EMEA Channel Marketing team partnered with Performance Marketing — the creators of the American reseller marketing program — to develop and test a beta campaign in the European market. Adaptations that were accounted for included:

Translation — There were many different resellers across the various countries needing support in several different languages.

List privacy — We had to ensure we were GDPR-compliant and considerate of resellers who weren’t comfortable sharing their email databases.

Deployment timing — Each reseller's marketing plan differed, meaning timing needed to be flexible.

Industry support — European campaigns weren’t always aligned with what was being promoted in the Americas.

Effects of COVID-19 — The global pandemic had created an unpredictable marketplace.

A computer showing the European channel marketing program website alongside screenshots of program advertisements.
A smartphone displaying the program website alongside two images utilized in the program.
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The solution

After launching a beta campaign and assessing the changes we needed to make, we created a multi-tactic reseller campaign program that was regionalized for the European market.

Each campaign could be easily customized and executed by the resellers and included assets such as emails, landing pages, LinkedIn ads and Google banner ads. We also created a step-by-step campaign guide to help the resellers deploy the campaigns on their own, using their own systems and communication channels. This gave the resellers control over their deployment dates as well as the ability to maintain the privacy of their customer databases.

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Channel Marketing
CRM Strategy & Execution
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Computer and smartphone displaying campaign landing page designs in blue and black.
Multiple screenshots showing campaign banner ads.
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The outcome

Through the multi-tactic campaign program, Stratasys was able to activate the European reseller network and provide content in 14 languages for deployment to their customers in 16 countries. In just a few short months, resellers garnered more than 152,000 landing page views and more than 230 conversions. Additionally, the beta test program led to new campaign processes and efficiencies for the expanded program — helping us prepare for the inclusion of future assets and autonomy within reseller activities.

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