Finding the key to unlocking rental store awareness.

The challenge

As a group in an industry still gaining recognition, the American Rental Association (ARA) was looking for a national awareness-building campaign solution that would showcase all the possibilities of rental equipment. The kicker was that the campaign couldn't be specific to a rental store or brand of rental equipment, drive to ARA's RentalHQ website and appeal to the primary rental audiences that ARA supports — Construction, DIY, and Event — each of which have their own unique pain points and motivators.

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Our approach

To sell the idea of “rental” to potential renters, ARA partnered with Performance Marketing to show how renting locally is the best way to get their projects done right. Using video supported by a robust media campaign, our team worked to visually demonstrate all the possibilities rental stores have to offer.

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The solution

From conceptual storyboarding to talent and location selection to post-production and animation, the PM team focused on making the idea of rental tangible through a series of four video spots. The goal was to make people say, “I didn’t know you could rent that.”

Each video catered to one of the three audience segments — showing how renting equipment can help solve a project-specific challenge in a cost-effective way.

Additionally, the messaging in the video spots focused on communicating how the audience can “get more done with rental.” The videos also positioned ARA’s RentalHQ website as an intuitive destination for all potential renters’ current and future needs. It’s a place where renters can find resources and get connected to their local rental shops — anytime, anywhere.

Strategy + Positioning

Channel Marketing

Digital Marketing

Paid Media


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The outcome

During the first six months following the national launch of the campaign, organic search traffic to RentalHQ tripled and direct traffic to the site increased by over 50% thanks to a large paid campaign using social, CTV and programmatic advertising. Local brick-and-mortar stores also saw a significant boost in foot traffic. Additionally, ARA was able to connect with their audiences and show how renting locally is the best way to get their projects done right.

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